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A-SHIELD: SMS Firewall and Revenue Assurance

SMS Monetisation

Recent audits demonstrate that many MNOs underestimate revenue loss and damage to brand reputation due to SMS Fraud, Spam, and Grey Route SMS. A-SHIELD eliminates revenue leaks and threats to the mobile network, increasing MNO profit.

A-SHIELD establishes A2P and P2P channels and safeguards their integrity, maximising SMS revenue.

We install our SMS firewall in your network or our hosting centre, with business intelligence & analytics module.

Our threat analysis and monetisation specialists analyse your traffic, identify and block spam and security threats, pinpoint revenue leaks, communicate with senders, and implement routing to maximise A2P revenue.

We continually monitor traffic to secure the delivery of A2P SMS via approved routes, neutralizing threats, identifying new revenue opportunities, and optimizing routing. We can also train your staff in threat analysis and maximizing A2P monetization.

A-SHIELD can enable MNOs to ensure compliance in regions where regulatory bodies require operators to verify the identity of organisations sending A2P SMS.