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A-ROUTE: Number Validation & Network Validation

Number Validator

On every SMS campaign list, some numbers are either inactive or incorrectly formatted. You pay to send, but messages never reach these devices. The maths virtually always indicate that if you send without weeding the list, you’ll pay significantly over the odds.

Number Validator looks up all numbers and weeds out inactive and incorrectly formatted numbers, so you only send to active numbers, so you don’t waste SMS campaign budget.

Network Validator

Inefficient routing often occurs where users have ported their phone numbers to new networks. Latency is high, some messages get lost, and varying network rates result in billing discrepancies. Users may become frustrated with your brand and move to competitors.

Network Validator leverages data from the Home Location Register (HLR), including Mobile Number Portability (MNP) data, validating the recipient user and their home network, to make the correct routing decision, before sending the message. The end user gets the text fast.

Detailed reports include indications of temporary errors and roaming status. Tailored packages for any volume. Integrates easily into existing workflows. Low latency APIs with HTTP or DNS connectivity. Privacy compliant.